Viruses are a major problem for users with Internet access




PC Clean-Up/Virus Removal


Viruses, spyware and other computer threats are malicious code designed typically to steal identity (account number, pin number etc.), re-directing your browser (browser hi-jacking) to phish out information, or record key board strokes (keystroke logging). These are not only annoyances but can be extremely harmful to your computer and your identity.


How do you know if you have them:
Here are a few tell-tales signs:

  • -Slow computer
  • -Your Web browser is being redirected to other sites that you did not request
  • -Your internet access is real slow
  • -Internet pops up advertisements
  • -Browser closes and a (fake) Virus scan pops up


How do avoid spyware/malware:

  • -Install a good anti-viral software (a must). An unprotected PC will be hijacked in minutes
  • -Install a good anti-malware and spyware software
  • -Don't open e-mail:  if you did not ask for it, do not know where it came from,  or do not trust it
  • -Avoid peer-to-peer file sharing sites
  • -Do not install free software that your not familiar with


How we can help:
I have many years experience dealing with these types of computer invasions. We will provide a thorough cleaning or your PC. We remove all viruses/ spyware/malware and repair any damages they may have caused.  I will also provide:


  • -Removal of all temporary files
  • -Remove unused programs
  • -Disk de-fragmentation
  • -Install all critical operating system and anti-viral and mal-ware/spy-ware updates
  • -Blow out all dust and other contaminates


Fixed flat rate $150.00




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